Lucian & Udaria Wulfguard (2)

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Lucian & Udaria Wulfguard (2)

Post by Velovictus on Wed Mar 23, 2016 7:33 pm

The morning light glistened off the icicles lining the mouth of a cave, throwing sunburst patterns across the clearing in front of the entrance.  Two large and stunningly hideous brutes sat in the clearing unaware of the subtle beauty the prisms of color added to the otherwise picturesque scene.  The calm morning silence ruptured by their bitter bickering, as they jostled for scraps.  A brace of coneys lay strewn before them.  

An arrow, like lightning, suddenly launched forth from the snow lined trees before the clearing, sundering the air with a loud hiss as it found its mark.  Right between the eyes; his aim was true. The struck ettin, nearly fell over from the impact as its left head merely gaped at the feathered shaft that seemed to have instantly grown from its right counterpart.  Before it or the other nearby ettin could utter a sound, a wild charge from a fur clad figure commanded their attention as Udaria leaped forth with a resounding crash and a reverberating war cry.  Her greatsword, Bjorn, cleaving the air in wide arcs as she brutally danced amongst the two ettin.  Before Lucian had finished stowing his great bow and could draw his own blade, both ettin lay dead at the feet of Udaria who stood grinning at Lucian's almost petulant expression.

"I claim two!" She announced teasingly as Lucian entered the clearing.
"One and a half!" Lucian countered indignantly pointing to the arrow protruding from one of the ettin heads. He grinned as well however, admiring his wife's work.
"Hmph, fine. Besides we agreed, that ettin count as two anyways. So, three to your one, then!"
They both grew more solemn as they viewed their surroundings.  Lucian, picking up the mangled and obviously ruined game that had been stolen from their traps by the ettin blew a harsh sigh. "The great storm has made hunting scarce, emboldening the minotaur and ettin, bringing them down from their mountain caves."
Udaria nodded, a fierce gleam in her eye, "Let us teach them that the fruit here is not as low hanging as they would believe."
Lucian drew his sword and unslung his broad shield, slamming the hilt of his weapon against it in salute, and moved towards the entrance of the cave. Muttering "Three to one...bah!"

Returning to camp, the two then made preparations to enter the settlement of Twinspur where they were to meet with a travelling caravan for trade. The warrior pair were leading members in the council of the Wulfguard clan. A nomadic Norn tribe that survived the harsh Shiverpeaks by following the migration of elk thru the seasons, trapping smaller game as they traveled.  

As Lucian and Udaria approached the last rise on the road to Twinspur, they heard the sounds of battle coming from over the crest.  With the small contingent of warriors accompanying them, they both sprinted up the hill to view and measure the extent of conflict at Twinspur Haven.  

The town was being overrun by hordes of Risen, as a cowled figure stood directing the multitude from atop a nearby bluff.  Assessing the situation swiftly, the warriors of the Wulfguard tribe sprung into action.  One runner was to alert the rest of the tribe in their camp a few miles back while the rest were to aide their fellow Norn in their dire strait.

After a fierce battle, the Risen warded off for the moment, the town rather than respiring in victory, immediately began shoring up defenses as the rest of the Wulfguard tribe began pouring into the town.  Lucian and Udaria were both drawn to a circle of Norn in the center of the holding by loud shouts and angry protests.  Brought in by the Wulfguard warriors; standing back to back were a male and female, either very tall humans or very short Norn.  Clad in the hated garb of the Seeing Eye necromancers, they stood defiant and held their ground as they clamored to be heard over the throng of the crowd.

"Let them speak!" Lucian boomed at the increasingly violent mob, as he stepped forward with Udaria beside him. She looked at the pair and growled "And speak quick, lest the crowd lose patience and storm you!"
The crowd did in fact quiet down, a testament to the reputation of the Wulfguard clan's mighty warrior pair.

"We are indeed of the Seeing Eye clan, and we care not for your judgement!"
Lucian winced at the man's opening statement, expecting the crowd to lynch them on the spot.
To his surprise he noticed the mob remained quiet as they all gaped at the woman in the clearing as she began casting a spell, green flashes of light emanating and instantly bursting out and over the crowd to the rising corpses of the fallen Norn from the previous battle. In their anger at the pair, they hadn't realized their own dead had risen and were approaching them with weapons in their hands and murder in their eyes.  The woman's spell sent magical scythes spinning through the air stopping the undead in their tracks, leaving them lifeless once again.

"We are here to warn you, and to help if we can." The woman, although soft spoken, was clearly heard by all, as the night was entirely silenced from her display of powerful magic.
"I am Ziltresa Garathien, and this is my husband, Alastor." She said then to Lucian and Udaria.
"You have our thanks for belaying the crowd from stoning us out right."

As the necromancer pair told their tale to the leaders of the Norn present, Lucian and Udaria agreed to venture to Hoelbrak to inform the great city of the situation and to garner aide.

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